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As the volume and speed of voice and data traffic traveling over today’s networks increases, the need for reliable, consistent network performance grows exponentially. For this reason, C & G’s cabling infrastructure solutions incorporate products and materials available through premium manufacturers. In addition, we’re committed to employing trained and certified designers and technicians, experienced with both copper and fiber optic media. We are a licensed and bonded contractor and can install any type of Voice, Data, Video, Paging, Video Surveillance, and Access Control applications.

How C & G Can Help Your Business

Our cabling infrastructure services include the following:

Design of Structured Cable Systems: We’ve strategically partnered with multiple full‐service network companies across the nation in order to provide quality cable system designs for single-floor office spaces, multi‐story buildings, and campus environments. At C & G, we strive for excellence in the design and installation of all types of cabling projects, including copper and fiber optic cable systems.
Outside Plant Cable Systems: C & G can provide you with quality outside‐plant cable system designs, installations, maintenance, and emergency restoration services. Our staff is qualified to assist with large copper pair count installations in aerial, direct burial, and conduit bank environments.
Optical Fiber Systems: C & G is committed to providing our clients with excellence in the design, installation, maintenance, and emergency restoration for multi‐mode and single‐mode fiber optic cables. C & G can also provide fusion splicing, Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (OTDR), and power‐loss test services.

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