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Businesses are under intense pressure to build expansive and complex IT infrastructures in order remain competitive. However, many companies waste valuable resources by building data centers that they cannot manage or maintain. In order to protect your company, commit to data center services that accurately measure the ROI of every purchase and stay within your budget, even in the face of increasing demand and intense competition.

How can you do that and still be competitive within your industry? Let C & G take the worry out of data center services for your company. With our engineering and design expertise, you’ll be sure to spend less time and money configuring your company’s hardware and energy costs, which will free you up to spend more time and energy running your business.

How C & G Data Center Services Can Help Your Business

To our experts, your company’s data center is not just a collection of networks, servers, storage devices, and software, but it is an IT ecosystem meant to deliver complex applications and services to end users, whether they are located around the corner or around the world. In addition, our commitment to reliability, consistency, and security is  unparalleled. In order for any ecosystem to thrive, a delicate balance must be maintained. Critical elements like capacity, energy use, scalability, and configuration need to work together to reliably sustain your company’s workloads 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

At C & G, we can help you find and maintain that critical balance with our data center services. We leverage powerful assessment tools and high‐quality products from leading manufacturers, which will help you reduce costs, minimize complexity, reduce energy consumption, and create value. The end result will make your IT investment worth every penny. Our services include:

• Data Center Assessments
• Data Center Optimization/Modernization Services
• Server Management Services
• Remote Management Implementation
• Cable Management
• Process Management
• Airflow Analysis
• Power and Utility Analysis

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