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We offer a wide range of remote management solutions to deliver secure, automated, and real‐time tracking for all of your servers, embedded technologies, network equipment, and power devices. With this advancement, your IT staff will have exactly what it needs to manage change from any location in the world, at any time of the day or night, without regard to hardware, operating systems, or even network status.


How Can C & G Help:


C & G will select and implement a comprehensive remote management solution to help you organization achieve a rapid return on your investment, along with increased agility and greater security. Having worked with a large portfolio of proven, industry‐leading hardware, software, and embedded technologies, our remote management services are designed to address three areas of critical importance:





Centralized Management: Take command of your IT assets from a single screen

• Enjoy a single‐rack view of your computer systems, servers, serial‐based devices, and power distribution products – no matter what vendor or operating system you are using
• Take advantage of hub‐and‐spoke architecture, which provides failover protection you can count on

Power Management: Tame the hungry beast and enable more sustainable, green initiatives

• Monitor your energy consumption, along with your overall costs
• Be aware of trends – across all levels of your network – in order to maximize your data center and remote locations

Rack Management: Control access, power, and usage levels across the rack, from top to bottom

• In‐ and out‐of‐band access enables the remote control of all devices – regardless of the state of your component and/or operating systems
• Power usage and security levels can be monitored and instantly changed – even from remote locations
• Specialized modeling tools will allow you to create multiple virtual data center scenarios and access usage statistics for better capacity planning

Call C & G today to find out what remote management solution is right for your business. Whether your organization is large or small, leveraging these tools will enable you to measure, manage, and optimize your infrastructure.

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