Application Management

In the last ten years, virtually every industry has enjoyed unprecedented uses of technology in facilitating business processes. While this has led to great improvements, most organizations are now spending a significant portion of their IT budgets just maintaining these legacy applications or managing multiple applications that deliver nearly identical functions. In addition, application failures, downtime, and performance issues have far‐reaching repercussions, including: significant financial losses, diminished performance, reduced competitiveness, and lower customer satisfaction. C & G can save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars – annually – by creating more effective applications tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

Currently, your business is forced to juggle multiple challenges simultaneously, including:

• The high operational cost of managing legacy and redundant applications
• Colossal, outdated applications that are not agile enough to meet the demands of new business realities
• Applications that no longer align with your current business and industry requirements
• The inability to identify application failures proactively or to prioritize incidents and respond to them in order of need
• End‐user complaints cased by poor application performance or availability
• Difficulty integrating web‐based applications with existing distributed platforms and environments
• The inability to meet service quality objectives or comply with regulatory requirements within your industry
• A lack of skilled, reliable resources

How C & G Application Management Can Help Your Business
As an experienced IT Service provider, C & G can effectively resolve these challenges through the customized end‐to‐end management of your company’s infrastructure, applications, and business processes.

C & G’s comprehensive application management services include:

Application Maintenance

Application Portfolio Rationalization

Legacy Modernization

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