Application Maintenance


At C & G, we’re experts in addressing your customer’s needs in application maintenance and designing sustainable custom solutions that will pay for themselves with time. Our approach not only reduces the TCO, but it also improves the maturity of your IT organization by delivering greater value.

Our value proposition:

• We employ multiple best practices in order to achieve process excellence in the delivery of application maintenance projects, including equipping resources with cross‐functional skills to support complex and tiered applications.

• In order to enhance service delivery capabilities and meet stringent compliance and SLA requirements, C & G continually invests in our own tool development, methodologies, and frameworks in order to reduce your costs, minimize the turnaround time, and improve the overall efficiency of the services we provide.

• We provide measurable outcomes through the use of metrics and dashboards to continually assess your return‐on‐investment (ROL) and overall cost reduction.

• Our innovative pricing mechanism ensures that all of our clients pay only for the services they use.

C & G also employs a set of core processes designed to ensure successful outcomes, including: Assessment, Knowledge Transition & Responsibility Transition, Service Level Management, Change Request Execution, Production Support/Service Desk, Value Innovation, Knowledge Enrichment, Governance, and Security Management.

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