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IT Services IT Presence & Relocation Services


C & G Technologies, Inc., offers secure and confidential office IT presence and relocation services. We’re capable of managing all of your information technology needs, whether you are migrating systems or moving to a new facility. Fully insured and bonded, C & G helps clients address specific technology relocation issues and execute the physical transition of office IT and back‐office IT operations. C & G works with a select group of reliable, trustworthy commercial moving companies to ensure seamless integration throughout the moving process. C & G has established itself as a premier IT services firm with a well‐deserved reputation for superior customer care and meticulous execution. C & G’s IT relocation practices ensure that our clients experience minimal business interruption. In  addition, we work diligently to protect our clients’ hardware and ensure that the move is a smooth, stress‐free experience.

How C & G Can Help Your Next Move

Systems Turn Down: C & G will properly shut down your entire IT infrastructure, including servers, storage, UPS, backup libraries, switches, routers, firewalls, and workstations.

Connection Services: C & G will manage connectivity between both sites consecutively (if available), and our team will perform all of the necessary work at both locations. In addition, we offer evening and weekend hours to ensure the continuity of your business.
System Integrity: At C & G, we design and implement a plan to ensure minimum business interruption. Complete backup and validation is performed, as well, and audits are performed pre‐ and post‐relocation to ensure application and system integrity.
Vendor Management: C & G will manage all of your current vendors, such as your Internet Service Provider (ISP), utility companies, movers, cabling V/D, printing/copier vendor, and furniture/design vendors.

Consulting: We also provide consulting services to help you plan timing strategies, facilities planning (like HVAC requirements, architectural design, and utility needs), security assessments, and telecom solutions.

Project Management: We will also allocate one single point of contact for your organization, in order to ensure that the download for your relocation project comes from one source. With C & G, we manage the move, while you focus on the needs of your business.

Long Term Support: C & G also offers a wide range of services to support your business after the move is complete. See our custom packages at Managed Services & Support for more information.

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