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Across the board, organizations have spent the last few decades increasing their use of IT to support business operations, including server services. This has led to more business applications, increased enterprise email capabilities, greater automation, and more access to data and the internet, from inside and outside the office.

While this has been necessary, it has also been taxing. In order to keep up with increasing business demands and emerging technologies, many organizations have found that they need to incorporate greater capacity, but doing so leaves them laden with complex, sprawling IT infrastructures that they don’t know how to maintain. To complicate matters, management costs have increased while server utilization rates have fallen, and additional mergers and acquisitions have contributed to the complexity of the problem.

Fortunately, many organizations are now attempting to regain control of their server infrastructures, but they still face the reality that their existing system’s complexity makes it difficult for them to adapt to changing business conditions. As a result, many companies recognize a great need to simplify and optimize technology environments in order to:

• Reduce costs
• Achieve business innovation initiatives
• Improve applications and network service levels
• Deploy new applications and technologies quickly
• Save money
• Streamline mergers and acquisitions
• Address compliance regarding corporate policies and governmental regulations
• Manage business growth and development

Creating a Resilient, Accessible and Adaptable Technology Environment

C & G provides a broad range of server services to help you optimize your technology environment, improving its utilization, availability, security, and management – which still keeping costs down. We can help you build and manage a dynamic infrastructure to supports your overall operations and product innovation.

How C & G Can Help Your Business

C & G Server Optimization and Integration Services — By helping you reduce IT infrastructure complexity, we can help you optimize performance, reduce operational management costs, and increase adaptability – all of which will help to facilitate business growth and change.
C & G Server Managed Services — By providing the skills, expertise, processes, tools, and methodologies needed to optimize the management of your server environment, C & G can effectively manage complex services while limiting your company’s up‐front investments.
C & G Emerging Server Technology Services — By helping you take advantage of leading‐edge technologies to increase system utilization, we can help you simplify systems management and enable key business innovation initiatives.
C & G Server Product Services for All Manufactured Servers, Linux® and Microsoft® Operating
Systems — By helping you decrease the amount of planning time required, we can help you implement and deploy new servers and software, so that you can incorporate new technology more quickly while improving your end user experience at the same time.

Benefits of Our Services:
C & G server services can help your organization:

• Refresh technology quickly while boosting productivity
• Respond more rapidly to changing business environments
• Optimize IT assets by transforming and automating services
• Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO)
• Create a security‐rich, highly available server environment
• Adhere to government regulations and best practices
• Enhance in‐house resources and skills
• Free up resources to focus on developing new capabilities
• Lower costs while increasing revenue

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