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Whether you’re adding new equipment to an existing data center, or migrating end users to newer equipment, upgrading your systems is a daunting, complex task. Any misstep, not matter how small, in attempting to integrate new hardware and software into your existing environment can cause major disruptions, unnecessary expenses, and longer‐than‐necessary installation times.

With C & G, you’ll enjoy a pain‐free system deployment process that will enable your organization to quickly and accurately integrate new IT systems. With careful, in‐factory preparation of custom images, applications, and hardware, C & G provides preconfigured systems that you can use straight out of the box. This won’t just save you the time and aggravation you would have spent calibrating your infrastructure, but it will also save you money by allowing you to focus on other tasks that are essential to your organization’s success.

You can be confident, as well, that our certified technicians will adhere to our proven methodology and apply expert knowledge to help you lower costs, avoid downtime, and minimize installation inconveniences.

Save yourself time and money by partnering with C & G to take your organization to the next level. Get  the technology you need, when you need it, with C & G’s configuration and system deployment services.

How C & G Can Help Your Business
C & G’s deployment portfolio includes the following services:

O/S Image Customization and Deployment

Laptop, Desktop, and Ergonomic Deployment

Server, Network, and Storage Deployment

Hardware Recycling and Disposition Services

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