Laptop, Desktop, and Ergonomic Deployment


Do you remember the last time you placed an order for new laptops and desktops? How much time and money did you lose in the process of getting them deployed across your entire organization without delaying or disrupting the essential functions of your organization? And in the days and weeks that followed, how much time was lost to the increase in support calls that so often follows a technology deployment?

C & G is here to help. We’ve performed successful desktop and laptop deployments for organizations of all sizes. We’ll help you get desktops and laptops from the factory of your choice right to your employees’ desks. And what’s more, we’ll take care of getting them connected to your network and ready for your employees to use, whether you’re rolling out new equipment in a single office or coordinating a complex technology deployment around the globe.

C & G technology deployment experts will keep your end users working without interruption by minimizing installation times and maximizing efficiency. We streamline the entire user state migration process by securely transferring user settings and data to the new hardware, configuring all necessary peripherals, and reducing the overall impact on your IT infrastructure. We can even handle the removal and recycling of your old laptops and desktops with C & G’s Hardware Recycling and Disposal Services.

Three Options for C & G’s Laptop, Desktop, and Ergonomic Deployment Services

Basic Deployment — Our technicians perform on‐site, basic installation of your new desktop or laptop computers. We’ll uninstall the computers that are being replaced, install the new ones, and transfer all of your critical data, whether the upgrade is taking place at one site or across multiple

Open Deployment — In addition to our Basic Deployment service, a single point of contact will plan and orchestrate all of your deployment needs, ensuring the transfer of new hardware from the factory to your end users’ desks. What’s more, we’ll get them set up online so they’re ready to use.

Ergo‐Deployment — This option can be added to our Basic Deployment or Open Deployment services. With Ergo‐Deployment, our technicians perform the on‐site, basic installation of your ergonomic hardware. In addition, we’ll uninstall the ergo stands that are being replaced (if necessary), install the new ones, and adjust them to your users’ preferences. Our strategic partnerships with leaders in Ergonomic equipment will simplify your deployment experience and ensure your users’ satisfaction.

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