Server, Network, and Storage Deployment

Your data centers is the engine that drives your business. As such, it’s necessary to ensure that your servers and storage deceives work effectively and without interruption. In fact, many companies spend enormous amounts of resources on this task, unnecessarily. C & G is here to help you maintain and protect your data center while staying on budget and continually looking for new ways to improve performance, uptime, and reliability through our expertise in network and server deployment.

With our professional Server, Networking, & Storage Deployment services, we can install and configure your new data center systems while also saving you money, minimizing disruption, and optimizing performance. We work with top manufactures, such as Dell, HP, IBM, and others, in addition to a wide variety of software applications designed to make using your new additions painless.

Our comprehensive suite of implementation services will take you from purchase order to production faster than you ever thought possible. We provide:

Project Management — We offer comprehensive planning, execution, and support throughout every stage of the implementation process.
Planning/Design — We fully evaluate the technical requirements of your environment and conduct a detailed readiness review to ensure a fast, accurate deployment that’s free of surprises.
Testing — Our technicians will also test the overall functionality and readiness of your hardware and software. After this testing is complete, we incorporate the new servers and storage devices and place them into production.
Documentation/Training — We provide your IT staff with detailed information about how your new systems and applications are designed to operate, including specific adjustments designed for your environment, so that you can be sure to keep your data center running efficiently and optimally for years to come.

Call C & G today to find out how we can save you from the headaches that are so often associated with changing hardware and maintaining data centers.

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